Natur & Kultur

Natur & Kultur is a book publishing company with a long heritage of education for both school and the general public. We were asked to help them design a way to publish and use their educational material in a digital way.

Asking the right questions

How can we make digital solutions in the school more relevant and interesting for both students and teachers, in the classroom and at home?

By identifying their needs in interviews and workshops, we were able to develop a design based on teachers and students' workflow. We also identified what is best in the physical world and what a digital solution should not do.

The platform can be used both as a stand-alone digital solution and as a complement to printed books. Therefore, we designed the information structure so that it mirrored the printed versions of the chapter classification. Students can switch between reading sections and exercise tasks without leaving the sequential chapter structure.

The learning experience

In our work we put a lot of effort into the reading experience, layout and presentation, but also in making tasks and exercises varied. To meet different ages and subjects, we designed a little over 30 different exercise templates, all of which can be varied and alternated to a great extent.

We also designed badges for when you have achieved something both big and small to boost motivation

Clickable prototypes