Digital guide for occupational pension

Have you ever thought about what you are going to do when you retire?
Probably you have, like the most of us. And like the most of us you probably don't think about scaling down, travel less, living in a smaller house or eating less expensive food.

The problem is that people are in general not interested in how to save for their retirement. It's hard to understand and we tend to forget about what savings we have and where. So how can we help people prepare for their future retirement and guide them to make smart choices based on their current situation?

Starting of with a Jam

To kickstart the work we did a full day workshop (a Jam) with a large team working with funds, pensions and insurances. We ended up with a lot of great ideas. One of them was a pension guide - a helping hand through life to reach your retirement goals, whatever they might be.

Mapping the user journey

We continued with mapping out the current customer journey. How do you get your occupational pension, if you get guidance, when you make your choices, what happens if you don't make any choices? 
We started to gather insights about people's feelings and thoughts about pension and at the same time collecting requirements internally from product owners, specialists and advisors.

Start with the onboarding

We couldn't do everything at once so we split it up in multiple phases. For this project we would focus on customers that got a new occupational pension because that's where we could help the most to:

  • Inform customers about new occupational pension
  • Guide customers to make choices that suits their life situation
  • Reduce paperwork for both customers and LF
  • Reduce number of clients the advisors have to meet
Pension saving is hard to understand

Setting the goals

After collecting insights and requirements we nailed down some things we wanted to focus on:

  • Talk about pension as easy as possible
  • Clearly show whats included and what they can add if they want to.
  • Guide the users to make smart choices

Design exploration

We started exploring many different design solutions. Chatbots, complete advise-solutions, fund selections, push notifications and so on. We interviewed and user tested our designs with customers once per month and interviewed customer advisors. For about a year we twisted and turned on everything to make it great, easy to use and easy to understand but also to follow all of our Swedish regulations and laws.

This was just one customer journey out of many that helps new customers to get a better understanding of their new occupational pension at Länsförsäkringar and enable them to make smart long-term choices.