August 2023

The monthly inspiration brought to you by Common Ground, digital design studio in Stockholm.

Design fiction

Need help imagining what the future might hold? The manual of design fiction is a mindset and toolkit to help you with just that.

Design x AI

Blessing or a curse for designers? Time will tell. Galileo looks like one of the more promising takes in the space of AI x Design.

Workshop cards

Nicely crafted card deck to use when designing workshops.

Video x AI

Finally a solution to keep your eyes in the right place in the daily standup meeting.

Design podcast

A podcast for designers with candor and humor we are fans of.

Product Design

A product design roadmap to bring up if you get lost in the jungles of product design.


Typography animations gone bananas. Caused heavy debate at CG whether it adds to the experience or not. We let you decide, personal favourite number 6.

nicely crafted font collection from Atipo, an independent digital typeface foundry from Spain.


If you had a rough day and need some perspective this lovely map of the universe might help.


An addictive game to keep you up at night designing Plan B for civilisation.

That’s all for February’s inspiration!

/ The Common Ground Team